Looking for ways to replace lost income during this slowdown?  Waitr is here to help!  Here are a few tips on how you can continue to engage with your customers.


That’s right! We have millions of customers using our service, and we can get your dishes from your kitchen and into customer’s homes. We want to help your restaurant succeed, so capitalize on what we do best - delivery. 

Since customers aren’t able to enjoy your dine-in services at this time, you can still reach them by partnering with Waitr and promoting delivery and carryout

Check out these free tools to promote your restaurant on social media. 



Create a Locals Week: Every restaurant and business is currently feeling the hit of COVID-19. Now more than ever is a chance for us to support one another to help our businesses succeed. A great way to do this is by partnering with other local restaurants and or businesses near you to offer a “Locals Week” to your customers! Create engagement on your website, social media, and email to encourage customers to support their local community.

Create specials: Many working professionals are now confined to their homes, so help them get through their workday by promoting lunch deals they can order through delivery and/or carryout! Whether it’s a new meal combination or discounting a side dish, it’ll help bring a bit of flavor into their day. Have some fun with the offerings, as many parents are also currently “homeschooling” their children.

Showcase your restaurant: People are craving your restaurant’s dishes, but COVID-19 has caused everyone to take extra precautions to ensure their environment is sanitized. Give them confidence in your restaurant’s cleanliness by showing that your food, facility, and staff are meeting a high standard of sanitation.  Waitr partner,  Deano’s Pizza in Lafayette, Louisiana is using their social media to showcase their environment and share their best dishes! 

Offer more:  That’s right! Offer MORE on your menu.  Add essentials to allow customers increased variety and diverse options.  Zuhause Bakery in Lafayette, Louisiana, one of Waitr's many partners, started to offer creative "Zupacks" which include everyday essentials packaged up with Zuhause's menu favorites.  Restaurant owners in Los Angeles are getting creative and adopting a "grocer-like" feel by offering things such as produce and non-perishable items. (After all, without customers currently coming in, who is going to use up the boxes of 60-count bathroom tissue you purchase at wholesale?) Waitr is also adapting in an effort to best serve our partners and customers during this global pandemic by offering same-day grocery delivery in several cities including Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, and Lafayette, Louisiana with plans to soon expand into many more markets. 



Digital marketing has become a necessity for businesses since customers are no longer able to travel except for essentials. But you still have to promote your offerings and incredible dishes somehow! 

Thankfully, there are plenty of resources and platforms available today that make marketing user-friendly. Follow these marketing steps below to successfully engage your customers!

  • Revise your website to create a seamless user experience for your customers 
  • Leverage social media to remind customers of the food they love
  • Send email campaigns to promote deals and communicate your safety standards 
  • Create videos promoting recipes, meals, and even staff to greet your customers “face-to-face” virtually



The national restaurant association has updates, information, and resources regarding the Coronavirus for Restaurant Owners and Employees.  Learn more here!


While unprecedented and difficult times face us, this is also an opportunity to adapt quickly and serve customers where and how they are able to be served. 

As always, Waitr supports and stands with you during this time!  Not a restaurant partner yet? Sign up today!


Edited by: Roland Reagan