In the midst of these unprecedented times, delivery and takeout has hit an all time high. Waitr has helped restaurants increase takeout and delivery sales, reached a broader customer base with an expanded market reach, and boosted brand awareness. Set the trend for your restaurant by getting started with Waitr today! 

Getting Started with Waitr in 3 easy steps!

Our online sign-up process makes it easy for new restaurants to get started with Waitr. Simply click the Sign-Up Here button and begin the on-boarding process. A sales representative will reach out to you in regards to welcoming you to the Waitr family.

Sign Up Here! 

After reviewing the sign-up page, if you still have questions fill out the request for more information form and a sales representative will assist to iron out any questions you may have and walk you through the sign-up process.

1.  Presenting Your Mouth Watering Menu

The next step in getting your restaurant on the Waitr platform is uploading your menu. Our sales representative will request a copy of your menu. Once we have received your menu, our menu’s team will work diligently to get your menu appealing to all of our hungry customers. 

Once your menu is present on our platform, we suggest optimizing your menu with item modifiers. Optimizing your menu will help maximize your ticket orders. You can also use modifiers such as add a side, upsize orders, add protein, or add toppings.

2.  Going Live

After signing up for our services, a tablet will be shipped to your restaurant. Easy to follow set-up instructions will be enlisted with the shipped tablet, along with a provided server and manager login.

The server login will be the login used for your tablet to accept orders. The manager login gives you access to tools that allows you to view reports, order history, and so much more. Once you have followed the set-up instructions for the tablet, your restaurant will be live on our platform.

3.  Tell Ya Mom and Them!

Waitr will provide you with a delivery link that you may advertise on all of your social media pages. The delivery link allows you to inform new and existing customers that you are accepting online delivery or pick-up orders. When the customer selects the delivery link, it will send them directly to your restaurant’s page on our platform.

In addition to the delivery link, we have local ground support that will stop by to ensure your experience with Waitr is smooth sailing. They will also provide you with in-store collateral that you may utilize to let your customers know that you are now on Waitr.

There are many advantages to signing up with Waitr. From a simple sign-up process and getting your restaurant live on our platform within 3 business days to providing you with free marketing tools, we are certain in getting your restaurant a boost in revenue and brand awareness.