Farm Stores

Farm Stores is a grocery franchise offering the convenience of a local neighborhood drive-thru. Along with the usual household necessities, the store doubles as a bakery and cafeteria to bring a selection of freshly-baked breads, sandwiches, and appetizers along with other breakfast and lunch items.  From ham and cheese couchettes to Colombian cheese bread and even Dippin’ Dots and slushies, Farm Stores brings a unique, homespun twist to the grocery store experience for busy families on the go.

When the Florida-based franchise sought to expand outside of their home state, it quickly found Louisiana to be a perfect fit. While drive-thru services have long been common throughout the Bayou state for everything from boiled crawfish to daiquiris, convenient drive-thru grocery service has remained an unaddressed need, especially for busy parents. As Farm Stores franchisee and Louisiana state representative Robert Pressler explains, “You can’t get a gallon of milk when you have kids in the car.”

Other locals agree. “For most parents, going to a grocery store after picking up your kids from daycare or school can be a challenge,” said local development blog Developing Lafayette. “Farm Stores will serve as that small grocery run that allows you to drive up without having to get out of your car.”

The burgeoning franchise has plans for rapid expansion throughout Louisiana and other states and envisions a total of 500 stores to be operating across 8 states within the next 5 years. As its first location outside of Florida opened in Scott, Louisiana, a partnership with Waitr has helped them to quickly expand their reach in the area. 

Waitr has allowed Farm Stores to broaden our reach, message, and product penetration  despite only having our first location in the state of Louisiana,” the company says. “It’s early in our partnership, but Waitr has helped to add an extra month of sales to our top line!"  See how Farm Stores capitalized on Waitr's service by following these tips.

“The service we offer at our brick and mortar Farm Stores location is our top priority and the Waitr drivers have been an extension of our culture and customer-centric approach. They care that our products arrive to the customer with the same quality and readiness as if [the customer] visited us directly!”


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